The TAYLOR WESSING PORTRAIT PRIZE 2016 is finally here! The exhibition opened this morning and will be at the National Portrait Gallery until 26 February before touring across the UK. The portrait you can see up there it's called WING and is part of a series I'm currently working on called "Boy In Amber"  will be among the 57 photographs selected by the judges out of the 4303 images entered in the competition this year. I am overwhelmed. This is the curator's caption: 

« Forin photographed his partner, Juan David Serna, in Rotherhithe, south-East London. Serna appears frozen in a moment of carefree reverie. The photograph captures an instance of perfect balance, the horizon line between ground and sky intersecting hid body at the waistline of his trousers. »

It makes me happy to know the judges chose this particular photograph among the four I sent them. It is a special one. They say that, in order to take a good portrait of someone, you have to look in their eyes carefully and see if you can find your own reflection there. That's what I think me and Juan managed to do in that moment. When I look at WING I don't see him, I see us. 

U P & R U N N I N G !

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 07.43.38.png
« I like men who have known the best and the worst, whose life has been anything but a smooth trip. Storms battered them, they have lain, sometimes for months on end, becalmed. There is a residue even if they fail. It has not being all tinkling, there have been grand chords. » | James Salter, BURNING DAYS

If you want to tell someone else's story, the only sensible starting point you have is telling the story of who you are and where you are coming from.

So here I am, back to square one. Take the stuff you'll find here as a sort of "taxonomy" of my life as I know it in this very moment. Here you'll find those who inspire me and I call "heroes", those who once loved me and I once loved back and those who are by my side today, sharing with me all the love and lots of other things.

You will also find many I don't really know, many strangers who, for some reason or another, fell into my eyes and stayed there for a little while - which luckily was just enough. My hope is that what you'll see and what you'll read will somehow scratch at you through the fragments of all those lives, all the images and all the words I gathered here over the past few months. 

There's something else to say before leaving you to it though. One last thing. Three or four weeks after I started working on this website, I found out about the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and entered few of my photographs to the competition. One of them, WING, is one of the 57 images the judges picked among the 4303 entries they received this year and will be on show at the National Portrait Gallery from 17 November to 26 February before touring around the UK — I feel gratitude and I feel proud. "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen" used to say Waldo Emerson. Such a wise man he was, wasn't he? Up and running.